Rubber Designs Recycled Rubber Target Practice products provide clear advantages as a low maintenance system in target practice areas.  Benefits include ease of maintenance and acoustic suppression.

Rubber Designs Target Practice Block & Tile products are a safe, clean, non-toxic, odor free material made from recycled waste stream rubber content. It will not decompose, compress, freeze, harbor rodents or other pests, blow or wash away. Save time and money by choosing a low maintenance solution that will increase the safety, efficiency, and aesthetics of your indoor or outdoor target practice areas.

Benefits of Rubber Designs products for use in target practice areas include:

  • Improved noise reduction (sound suppression)
  • Reduction of lead dust
  • Discourages insects, rodents and other pest infestation
  • Never rots or decomposes
  • Reduces maintenance time and costs
  • 99.99% metal-free
  • Never freezes

Target Practice Block & Tile

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