Rubber Designs Loose Fill Rubber Mulch is made from recycled tire buffing and is especially popular as a ground cover for playgrounds and landscaping due to its durability and soft and springy bounce. Properly installed rubber mulch requires little maintenance and can last for 10 years or more, whereas wood mulch is generally replaced each year.rubber mulch Our loose fill rubber mulch allows water and fertilizer applications to pass through to the soil and does not attract insects, protecting your playground and landscaping from pests.

Particle size - Rubber Designs raw material originates as 100% recycled commercial waste stream rubber called buffing. A buffing sieve analysis is performed prior to the materials being colored and bagged. We selectively classify our recycled buffing material, and carefully sort particle sizes ranging from 3/8” to 2”. It is necessary to have the right combination and proportionate particle sizes so the finished product weaves and knits together by design.

Colorization - Rubber Designs rubber buffing material is colored using our organic powder color coating methods that will not delaminate over time. Rubber buffing, once colored, is sealed with our formulated polymer wetting agent, bonding the pigments definitively into each and every particle. Once fully blended, color types are proportionately mixed together and bagged for delivery. Rubber Designs Rubber Mulch is a long-lasting and durable product that does not deteriorate, float away or splinter. 

Rubber Mulch - Recycled Loose Fill

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