playground shroom

The Rubber Designs Shroom Steppers are popular playground accessories for preschoolers. The Shroom Steppers promote exploration and discovery on the playground. They blend into the natural environment and add to nature-inspired playground themes. These Shroom Steppers make perfect (and safe) playground seats or stepping blocks that help expand young minds’ creativity and imagination and provide ways to improve balance. 

Rubber Designs Shroom Steppers are an environment-friendly product and are manufactured using recycled waste stream rubber, which makes them durable to last the length of its warranty, and can be played on under almost any weather condition.

The rubber material used is comfortable to sit on, dries quickly when wet, is highly resistant to weathering, does not splinter, is soft, and therefore, safe. Rubber Designs Shroom Steppers are easy and inexpensive to install, making them a great choice for your play areas.

Shroom Steppers

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