Platinum Plus Certified Rubber Tile Installation Program

Rubber Designs is proud to offer the “Platinum Plus Certified Tile Installation Program” to our customers.

The program offers solutions that are a competitive alternative to traditional safety surfacing, including extra benefits, tools, discounts, and warranties. The program will increase your profits, decrease time and project management, and ensure on-time job execution and completion.

  • Certified Turn-Key Installation Management
  • Certified Installers
  • Project Management
  • Program Discounts
  • Additional Warranties

Certified Turn-Key Installation Management

Your products are installed by insured and trained certified factory installers, superintendents, and laborers. With this combined expertise, we will manage the project from start to finish. From the scheduling, material delivery, work crew and equipment, we make sure the installation is complete, correct, on-time and on budget. We do all the work so you can enjoy the benefits!

Certified Installers

Using our certified installers prevents third-party liability. With our experience and expertise, we provide quality workmanship along with quality installation.

Program Discounts

The Platinum Plus Program will increase your profitability by offering an additional 5% discount on materials and installation.

Additional Warranties

With the Platinum Plus Program, you will receive a (10) ten year limited warranty on the product and a (1) one year manufacturer’s certified installation warranty.

Platinum Plus Job Calculation Tool

The Platinum Plus Job Calculation Tool is an easy-to-use calculator we provide that assists in the understanding of the dimensions of your project. You will see the number of tiles, corners, ramps and u-locks that are needed to complete the site. We provide all details down to the amount of joint glue required, number of pole cuts and perimeter cuts, and necessary freight or shipping to the job site.