Recycled Rubber Mulch

The Recycled Rubber Mulch Difference

Rubber Designs Rubber Mulch is not to be confused with rubber nuggets that do contain unwanted materials such as steel, and organic materials like cotton and polyester. These unwanted organic materials can cause other rubber mulches to mold or mildew, and release unwanted smells. Rainbow Turf contains no unwanted materials which helps maintain its quality for the duration of its warranty.recycled rubber mulch

Rubber Designs takes the extra time to differentiate themselves from its competitors by ensuring the customer receives a high quality product especially in the type pigments used and particle size in each bag sold.

One can test the difference in pigments by doing a rub test by taking a piece of rubber mulch and rubbing the piece between your fingers. When testing Rainbow Turf Rubber Mulch, the pigment stays, where a competitor’s pigment will rub off. Over time this can weigh heavily on future maintenance. Pigments that rub off easily will break down quicker in poured and bonded applications. This failure can cause the bonding agent to deteriorate faster than normal and cause areas to fail which will need to be repaired and most likely replaced. Rainbow Turf Rubber Mulch will last longer and maintain its adhesion through the duration of its warranty.

Another advantage in choosing Rubber Designs Rubber Mulch over its competitors is that we take the extra time to make sure our particle sizes are evenly distributed in each bag. This is very important to the end user since our bags will have a better spread ratio as compared to our competitors. In turn, you will use less bags of Rubber Designs Rubber Mulch to cover an area compared to our competitors.

In any landscaping scenario, provides a mulch appearance which allows for a natural appeal without the need for constant maintenance and replenishment due to compaction and deterioration. Rubber Designs rubber landscape mulch is more durable, cost-effective, lower-maintenance and eco-friendly than wood mulch, stone and other traditional landscaping materials. Rubber Designs rubber mulch is a high-performance landscaping material, requiring re-application over 10-times less often by remaining bright and plush, all year, right where you put it – and because you won’t need to re-mulch for up to 12 years, you save on the costs of buying new mulch and on the labor of re-applying it on a yearly basis. Rubber Designs rubber mulch is also an excellent weed suppressant, won’t harbor harmful pests like termites, rodents or spiders, and is resistant to mold and fungus. Rubber Designs offers multiple colors and combinations are simply the best loose fill landscape mulch surfacing available in the marketplace.

Don’t be fooled by competitors and choose a high quality product from Rainbow Turf