Extend-A-Life Rejuvenator - 5 gallon pail

Product Description

Proper maintenance is important for extending the life of valuable safety surfaces. Rubber Designs has developed an advanced "GREEN" co-polymer called “Extend-A-Life”, a rejuvenator, that revitalizes older rubberized playground and sports surfaces with outstanding color. 

Over time, the sun’s UV light fades the color and breaks down the surface integrity. By simply using Extend-A-Life Rejuvenator, the damage from the sun can be reversed and can help reduce surface temperature. 


  • 05 03 Extend-a Life Pail 44 lbs 

Measurement: 5 gallon pail

Estimated Coverage: 5 gallon pail = 1,500 square feet for EPDM Poured-In-Place Surfacing, 5 gallon pail = 600 square feet for Rubber Mulch Poured-In-Place Surfacing

Origin: Made in the USA

Recommended Uses: Use with any of our Poured-In-Place Applications, and our Flexible Curbs.

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This Rubber Designs Product is backed by 1 Year Limited Warranty