Rubber Curb - J Curb

Product Description

The Rubber Designs J-Curb is a molded rubber curb designed for the containment of keeping loose fill surfacing, poured-in-place applications, and artificial turf in place. A key-way is built into the rubber curb that allows the products and applications to be held securely to the inside edge. The Rubber Designs J-Curb also has 2' drainage outlets built into the edge to help drainage and is flexible enough to make various curves and shapes. 


  • 06 01 07 J Border Shaper - 8' 

Measurement: 7' 9" X 5.5" X 4"

Origin: Made in the USA

Recommended Uses: Use with any of our Poured-In-Place Applications, and our Loose Fill Recycled Rubber Mulch.

Product Detail Sheet - PDF
Product Specification and Detail - PDF