Interlocking Rubber Tiles Test

Rubber Designs Interlocking Rubber Floor  Tiles are designed as the perfect surface for underneath playground equipment and anywhere safety surfacing is required. Rubber Designs rubber tiles are available in many different thicknesses to ensure the safety of children from different possible fall heights. Rubber Designs rubber tiles are available in an array of different surface colors.  

Safe - Inspired by architectural arches, the bottom of our rubber floor tiles provide structural surety related to gradual loss of intensity for fall height situations. Its unique design provides a strong and stable footprint while providing excellent shock absorption and load dispersion.

Easy To Install - Rubber Designs Interlocking Floor Tiles have a built-in alignment foot that makes installation a breeze.

Interlocking - Interlocking tiles contain a locking mechanism on all FOUR sides of the tile. This provides stability along the entire perimeter of the tile. This mechanism helps prevent movement or shifting of our tiled surface and helps eliminate failures between tiles where gaps have traditionally allowed debris to settle, causing the tiles to curl.

Full Accessories - We provide inside corners, outside corners, and transitions which allows for perfect 90-degree angles.