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Rubber Designs offers installation services for any of our rubber products that require installation, from EPDM poured-in-place to Bonded Rubber Trails. Our surfacing installation services provide expert installation for a variety of excavation site work that includes (but is not limited to): concrete sides, concrete sidewalks, compacted crushed stone sub base, etc. From small scale installation of Rubber Edging and Tree Rings, to large scale Bonded Rubber Trails, our overriding goal is to produce the perfect design to fit your budget, space, and needs. Rubber Designs has expert installers that know how to bring your design to reality.

With our focus on the success of your project, our professional installations will comply with all of the specifications your project requires as well as any special requirements stipulated for the project.

Rubber Surface Cleaning & Maintenance Guidelines

*Bi-annual treatments are recommended using the following procedure:
1. Hose off the rubber surface removing food, drink, dirt, sand, and loose debris. Pressure wash the surfacing using a moderate PSI Level, maintaining the spray nozzle at least 12” from the rubber surface.

2. On isolated stained areas, once the surfacing is hosed off and still damp, apply a sufficient amount of all-purpose cleaner to thoroughly cover the area using a hand held spray bottle. Scrub the stain with a medium bristle brush. Repeat the process as necessary on extremely tough stains. DO NOT OVER-SCRUB THE AREA as this may cause the materials to loosen, weakening the floor.

3. For general cleaning purposes, once the surfacing is hosed off and still damp, apply an all-purpose cleaner and water using a garden pump sprayer to an area approximately 4' x 4'in size. Be sure to follow directions for use provided by the supplier of your chosen all-purpose cleaner. Lightly scrub area with medium bristle brush. Repeat as needed.

4. Once the entire area has been cleaned thoroughly rinse surface with water, using a garden hose with nozzle attachment. Keep in mind that not all stains can be removed, especially if they are left soiled for extended periods of time. DO NOT OVER-SCRUB THE AREA as this may cause the materials to loosen, weakening the surface.

5. It is recommended that rubber surfaces be cleaned in the early morning or late afternoon hours to allow time for the cleaning products to have time to process before evaporating.

Cleaning Products:
Use caution when choosing your all-purpose cleaning products, the following chemicals can potentially damage the rubber surfacing and should be avoided: disinfectants, concentrated bleach, gasoline, diesel, hydraulic and lubricating oils, organic solvents and astringent degreasers.

Patch Kits for small stained or damaged areas are available for purchase at our offices. Please call 877.978.2237 for assistance.

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