FlexTrails create community pathways with post-consumer rubber tire particles and a special blend of other rubber and natural materials. 

Product Description

FlexTrails Rubber Pathways

Built to withstand repeat traffic and provide proper rainwater disbursement, FlexTrails come in two options: Standard and Ultra, depending on the color you prefer for your pathway.

Our rubber pathways are a great trail alternative for parks, recreational centers, senior living communities, schools, and more. FlexTrails enhance the overall experience for visitors, prioritizing safety, accessibility, and sustainability while encouraging physical activity and interaction with nature. These rubber walking paths are an excellent investment in the well-being and enjoyment of the community.

About Our Product

FlexTrails is an innovative system that combines the flexibility of poured-in-place rubber with the durability of a bonded stone surface.  The result is a highly aesthetic, wear-resistant surface engineered for use in high-traffic areas. 

Our rubber trails allow communities to create walking paths using post-consumer rubber tire particles. Designed in conjunction with leading experts in rubber technology,  our porous systems offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete and asphalt options. Our rubber pathway solutions are engineered to endure continuous use in a variety of different settings.

FlexTrails Rubber Pathways are Perfect for:

  • Walking Paths
  • Bike Paths
  • Elevated Decking
  • Patios
  • Livable Rooftops
  • Golf Cart Pathways
  • Student Pick Up Areas

Two Options Available: 

  • Standard: Pea Gravel, 100% Black SBR, 4 Year Warranty
  • Ultra:  Pea Gravel, 50% Black, 50% Colored EPDM Rubber, 6 Year Warrant


bike parked on Porous Rubber Trails

Product Details


FlexTrails can be installed directly over top of existing surfaces with little to no excavation required.  

*Specifications Available Upon Request

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