Recycled Rubber Mulch

Our Rubber Mulch is made from 100% recycled tires.

Product Description

Recycled Rubber Mulch 

Our Rubber Mulch is a popular ground cover for playgrounds and landscaping due to its durability and soft and springy bounce.

Made from recycled tire buffings, our rubber mulch offers a low-maintenance, attractive solution that is safer and provides a softer surface than traditional wood mulch, sand, and pea gravel. It is long-lasting, durable, does not deteriorate, attract insects, float away, or splinter.

About Our Product

Our rubber mulch is made of recycled content, creating a pliable, resilient, permanent surface to help reduce damage from falls, and to discourage mold, mildew and insects. We offer various colored rubber mulch in 50lb bags. View our color chart for the options we offer.

Recycled rubber mulch is a popular choice for playgrounds and landscaping for several reasons:

Safety - Rubber mulch provides a cushioned surface that helps reduce the risk of injuries from falls on playgrounds. It offers better impact absorption than traditional mulch, making it an excellent choice for play areas.

Durability - Rubber mulch is highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, including heavy rain and extreme temperatures. It doesn't decompose or break down like organic mulches, so it can last for many years without the need for frequent replacement.

Low Maintenance - Unlike wood mulch, rubber mulch does not require frequent replenishing or raking. It maintains its appearance and functionality over time, reducing maintenance costs and efforts.

Weed Suppression - Rubber mulch effectively suppresses weed growth, helping to keep your landscaping or playground area looking neat and well-maintained. This can reduce the need for herbicides or manual weeding.

Resistant to Pests and Mold - Rubber mulch is not attractive to pests like termites or rodents, and it doesn't support mold or fungi growth, which can be common issues with organic mulches.

WARRANTY - Purchase with confidence. Rubber Designs stands behind our promise to deliver products that are better for the earth and better for you. This means our products are made to last and are guaranteed by the best warranty in the industry. Rubber Designs Loose Fill Rubber Mulch is backed by a 10 Year Limited Warranty.



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Product Details

Recycled Rubber Mulch

Learn more about our recycled rubber mulch used as surfacing for playgrounds, landscaping & more.

Solid Color Mulch

  • 07 01 01 Black Mulch Bagged 50lb
  • 07 01 09 Red Mulch Bagged 50lb
  • 07 01 05 Cypress Mulch Bagged 50lb
  • 07 01 03 Brown Mulch Bagged 50lb
  • 07 01 06 Green Mulch Bagged 50lb
  • 07 01 12 Yellow Mulch Bagged 50lb

Blended Color Mulch

  • 07 01 08 Rainbow Mulch Bagged 50lb
  • 07 01 07 Jungle Mulch Bagged 50lb
  • 07 01 11 Rustic Mulch Bagged 50lb

Estimated Coverage:

  • 50 lb bag at 1" depth = 30 square feet
  • 50 lb bag at 2" depth = 15 square feet
  • 50 lb bag at 3" depth = 10 square feet
  • 50 lb bag at 4" depth = 7 square feet
  • 50 lb bag at 5" depth = 6 square feet
  • 50 lb bag at 6" depth = 5 square feet

Origin: Made in the USA

Recommended Uses: Use with any of our Poured-In-Place Applications, and our Flexible Curbs.


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