Black Recycled Rubber

At Rubber Designs, we offer recycled rubber for your flooring and creative production.

Product Description

Black Recycled Rubber

Our black recycled rubber is crafted entirely from 100% recycled waste stream materials, specifically sourced from discarded tires.

This versatile product is ideal for surfacing projects, with its most popular application being an attenuation layer (or bottom layer) of poured rubber surfaces.

At Rubber Designs, we offer black recycled rubber in the following size:

  • 6/16 Shred

About Our Product

Black recycled rubber, especially in the form of shredded mulch, has a wide range of practical uses due to its durability, low maintenance, and eco-friendly qualities. At Rubber Designs, its most popular use is for an attenuation layer for poured-in-place surfaces, such as playgrounds and athletic fields. The role of an attenuation layer consists of the following: 

  • Impact Absorption: Attenuation layers absorb and disperse the energy generated by impacts and falls. This is crucial for ensuring the safety of individuals, especially on playgrounds and sports fields.
  • Fall Height Protection: Attenuation layers are designed to help meet specific fall height requirements, determined by safety standards. When a child falls from playground equipment or an athlete stumbles on the field, the attenuation layer cushions the impact, reducing the risk of injury.

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