How to Make Interlocking Rubber Tiles Last Longer

Aug. 26, 2022 How to Make Interlocking Rubber Tiles Last Longer

Routine maintenance will help the overall longevity of Interlocking Rubber Tiles. While rubber tiles are a durable safety surface for both indoor and outdoor areas , it is important to ensure you're maintaining the surface to fully optimize its life. Here are a few tips we've put together to help make your interlocking rubber tiles last longer.

Use a Blower to Remove Debris

For basic seasonal maintenance (depending on the weather in your area and how much the surface is used), using a blower to clean off the surface is an important first step.  A standard leaf blower provides the best method for removing loose debris from the tops and seams of connecting tile.

Since not all playgrounds can accommodate a blower, sweeping the surface will also help.  The tiles are porous and have texture, so we recommend a blower if possible.  Other basic recommendations for our tile surfaces include vacuuming, using a water hose with mild to moderate cleaning agents.  

Periodic vacuuming is recommended in areas where sand is frequently tracked onto the surface.  You can also use a water hose with a pressure spray tip to remove contaminants from porous top surface. This is easier than using a broom. However, interior installations may place restrictions on water usage.

Use Cleaning Agents to Deep Clean

When considering cleaning agents, our tiles can accommodate sensible use of most household or biodegradable detergent that contain both odor suppressants and disinfectants. Dilute this cleaning agent as recommended by the manufacturer. Apply to the surface using a mop or scrubbing device. This will remove most light stains.

Advanced maintenance can be required if your space is located near lots of trees, your weather ranges from cold to warm extremes or the use of your space is heavy all year.  Depending on frequency of use, Rubber Designs Interlocking Tile will occasionally need a “deep clean” to remove built up dirt and stains. A steam vacuum with or without cleaning agents is ideal for advanced cleaning and maintenance.

Use A Power Washer to Renew Surface

In areas that can accommodate power washing, use a power/pressure washer with a wand tip.  You can also apply our Extend-A-Life roll on varnishExtend-a-life is a roll-on application that will rejuvenate the color of the standard SBR top tile. This application is only cosmetic and may have an adverse on the critical fall height.  We recommend adding Extend Life after three years depending on playground uses.

For more specifics on how to clean your interlocking rubber tiles, check out our guidelines   on proper maintenance and cleaning.

Rubber Designs Team

Written By: Rubber Designs Team

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