Playground Mulch


Why Recycled Rubber for Playground Mulch?

Rubber Designs playground mulch is made from 100% recycled tire buffing. Recycled rubber mulch contains properties that are low maintenance, safe, and attractive.  Recycled rubber playground mulch is a safe ADA accessible alternative to wood mulch, engineered wood fiber, sand and pea gravel.  Rubber Designs products do not deteriorate and maintain the same characteristics as a landscape version of loose fill mulch.

In any playground area, recycled rubber mulch provides an appearance which allows for a natural appeal without the need for constant maintenance and replenishment due to compaction and deterioration. Rubber Designs rubber playground mulch is more durable, cost-effective, lower-maintenance and eco-friendly than wood mulch, stone and other traditional landscaping materials. Rubber Designs rubber playground mulch is a high-performance landscaping material, requiring re-application over 10-times less often by remaining bright and plush, all year, right where you put it – and because you won’t need to re-mulch for up to 12 years, you save on the costs of buying new playground mulch and on the labor of re-applying it on a yearly basis. Rubber Designs rubber mulch is also an excellent weed suppressant, won’t harbor harmful pests like termites, rodents or spiders, and is resistant to mold and fungus.

In addition Rubber Designs playground mulch has been successfully tested for ASTM F12924 safety services in and around playgrounds and for ASTM F1 951–994 handicap accessibility.  

Rubber Designs offers multiple colors and combinations are simply the best loose fill playground mulch surfacing available in the marketplace.

  • Gizmo Wexler